Debt Settlement Cincinnati, OH

During the whole duration of our credit restoration process, our clients have the opportunity to pay off their old debts. Our company believes that paying off old debts is ethical and honest.

Ideally, the consumer should arrange a partial payment settlement, and in return, the collection company removes the account entirely from their report.

How is this accomplished?

A solid and firm negotiation on the part of the consumer can cause collection agencies to accept a payment for the elimination of the consumer’s credit report. We constantly educate our clients on the best ethical and legal practices in solid debt settlement.

Often our clients can, 100% themselves, pay off their debts at a reduced percentage of what they originally owed. We teach each of our clients the many ways they can get their finances back without the need for high-priced debt settlement companies.

We believe in empowering our clients to take responsible personal action now and in their financial future. Contact our offices if you have more questions about your past debts and their negative impact on your credit score.

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